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Shelby Found a Treasure

My mom found some vintage, victorian wallpaper at a garage sale. They are in scraps and pieces and in a folder titled, "Doll House Paper". I was inspired to make some paper collages with children as the theme. This is the first one titled, "Shelby Found a Treasure". This is the back of the collage...

I had to put it in a frame to see how it looked...

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Cover to Cover

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Stands for Art Cards Editions & Originals. These are very popular at Etsy. Otherwise known as but not to be confused with ATC--Artist Trading Cards.

Basically, the ACEOs are artwork created on a medium about the size of a playing card. They are original and are for sale. The ATCs are the same--but are generally traded for other ATCs.

I made some and listed them for fun!




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Usually I want to necklaces straight on and the earrings/other from a slight angle for the thumbnail photos.