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This post is written by guest blogger, Illana Burk. Illana runs the design blog zipandruth.com and the business blog for creative people in every industry, makeness.com. Illana is an Etsy seller, a writer, and a business veteran.

Buy handmade because.....

  • Artists are awesome, creative people that love what they do and deserve your support! Seriously, would you rather have your holiday gifts infused with the loving care of a happy artist? Or, with the aggravation and strife of mall shoppers, annoyed service people, and the smell of Cinnabons?
  • Handmade things are unique. They tell your loved ones that you want them to show off how special they are, because they deserved a special gift.
  • No blister-packs, twist ties, or molded styrofoam. Need I say more on that? Does anyone really appreciate spending ten minutes opening twelve layers of waste before getting to the whatchmacallit inside?
  • Beautiful handmade packaging. Professional artists and crafters are positively brilliant at creating packaging and gift wrap that are positively works of art. Many sellers on Etsy gift wrap every item, or will do it for free on request. Amazing gift AND free wrapping? Um, yes, please.
  • Save time. I know you can shop all over the net for just about anything, but on Etsy, you can spend an hour and find perfect, unique gift in any price range, for everyone on your list, all in one place. And, you can have items shipped direct to each recipient.
  • Real people. When was the last time you sent an email to a department store or online retailer and got a caring, engaged, eager-to-help, real, live person on the other end? The value of dealing directly with the artist is HUGE. They have a vested interest in making you happy. Your business actually means something to them, and they will value it.
  • You are giving while you're getting. You have no idea how excited we get when we see an order in our inbox. As an artist there is nothing that feels better than the simple fact that a total stranger appreciates something that we put our hearts and souls in to. It's like giving a gift to a total stranger...and they send you something back!
  • Good for the Earth. Handmade items use WAY less raw materials than commercially-produced items, and often use recycled or sustainable components.
  • Quality Craftsmanship = A lifetime of use. Artists care about how long their products last. They want to make something that you will have and enjoy for years and years.
  • Because Etsy is WAY prettier than Amazon!

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